For decades I had debilitating migraines once or twice a month. I was on the couch for three days each time. With Catharine’s help I DON’T get migraines anymore!

Meanwhile with Omega Balance Wellness, I’ve lost significant weight – I never thought I’d see these numbers on my scale! I was never hungry!

Actually, I’m less hungry than before – I’ve also noticed that I have more energy for projects and new activities.

For example, with constant unpredictable migraines it was difficult to make plans. Now with Catharine’s help, instead of being on the couch for days, I’ve recently started taking classes. If I have a tension headache, it’s pretty mild and sometimes I’m able to use the Mindfulness techniques Catharine taught me, so I don’t actually get a headache!

Now our focus is reducing my hypercholesterolemia and blood pressure. Catharine is flexible and knowledgeable and works within my parameters – and that works for me!


How We Coach

“We Are What We Eat”

The Anti-inflammatory Diet

Attack the root cause of many inflammatory chronic conditions with explicit, straightforward changes to what you eat.

  • 11-Week PROGRAM  – or –  Class (2-4 classes totaling 4-6 hours)
  • Learn about common, and not-so-common, chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • Learn how common foods can increase or decrease inflammation.
  • Learn about the cost of chronic inflammatory conditions in the US.
  • Learn about on-line tools and apps to help you balance your food choices.
  • Learn which dietary changes impact your HRA (Health Risk Assessment).
  • Learn how to make explicit, straightforward changes in what you eat and how to measure your improvement.

Clark’s Consulting + Coaching approach to wellness is about lifestyle change and bringing compassionate energy to your body and well-being … 

NIX the 6 and Eat the 3

This PROGRAM involves simple ways to reduce dietary intake of omega-6 and increase intake of omega-3. Many inflammatory disease processes are enhanced by omega-6 while omega 3 mitigates with its anti-inflammatory properties. Diseases with omega-6 mediated inflammatory processes include: Heart disease, depression, hypertension (high blood pressure), arthritis, high cholesterol, pain, asthma, headache, cancers, and more. Program length is variable and includes a biomarker outcome measure. See this chart to learn more about Bill Lands’ decades of EFA research at the NIH, University of Illinois College of Medicine, and University of Michigan School of Medicine.   

Learn about Over-zealous Immune Responses: What are they? How do they affect health? Call Catharine at 804-397-9212

Make the Most of Your Omega-3s with Omega-Balance Wellness (OBW):

We offer multiple paths to wellness.

The Migraine Cure

Learn the dietary approach used in clinical trials to dramatically reduce pain from chronic headaches.

  • 2 classes (2 hours each)
  • Learn two dietary approaches used in clinical trials to reduce pain from chronic headaches.
  • Learn about the measures researchers used, including the blood test, to evaluate the two dietary approaches.
  • Learn about common foods and meal plans in clinical trials to reduce pain.
  • Learn how to make dietary changes to allow the biggest impact.
  • Learn how much pain and chronic headache pain and cost employers.
  • Learn how you can achieve better results in pain reduction than researchers.

Recipe Repair for Non-cooks and Cooks 

  • 1 class (1.5 hours)
  • Learn how making explicit changes to your favorite recipes can change an unhealthy meal into a balanced, healthy meal. You might be surprised! Don’t cook? No worries … Bring in you’re favorite junk foods, frozen meals, or restaurant menus and learn about which ingredients to eat more or which ingredients to eat less!
  • This class introduces a new approach to making Balanced food choices. 

Obesity Solutions, Treatment, and MedicineSM:

Based on the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Round table of Obesity Solutions report and one-on-one discussions with key Round table members and Harvard Medical School’s Treating Obesity course and Obesity Medicine Board Review, this program summarizes the latest developments in prevention strategies, tools, and solutions for obesity; causes and complications of obesity; metabolic programming and genetics of obesity; and weight-promoting medications.

Worksite Wellness Weight Loss:

Do your employees need help to Lose Weight or maintain their weight? Do they need support to Get Moving?  Worksite Wellness Weight Loss is a Non-diet approach to eating and weight loss. Topics covered in this 10-week program include:

Required ReadingSM:

Curious about what top Medical Students learn in a Nutrition course? Survey the required pre-reading, of a Top Medical School’s nutrition course, written by leading researchers and published in respected peer-reviewed journals. Topics include: Metabolic Syndrome; Weight-Loss Maintenance; Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD); Energy Expenditure (EE) and Energy Balance (EB); Micro-nutrient Deficiency following Bariatric Surgery; and Obesity:  Myths, Facts, and Stigma. After eight weeks you will come away with a greater appreciation of the complexity, excitement, and multi-factorial approach of current nutrition research.

Wellness 101SM:

Are you living well? Wellness 101SM offers an opportunity to learn about basic nutrition & healthy meal planning; how to develop better habits around physical activity; and how to invest in your well-being. This path is for those beginning to think in terms of wellness. Begin (or continue) your journey to wellness. Wellness 101SM involves five sessions.

Nutrition 411SM:

Are you confused by all of the conflicting information about nutrition? Get your questions answered: Nutrition 411SM offers a wealth of information and provides clarity on topics ranging from overall nutrition and detox to consideration of supplement usage and over-usage. This path is for those who would like to improve their eating habits, increase their knowledge of nutrition, and/or get support to implement their medical provider’s direction.

Nutrition 911SM:

Do you need help making lifestyle changes?  Nutrition 911SM offers personalized support for those with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) (for example: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or chronic pain) and/or dual diagnosis, including diabesity, disordered eating, bingeing, and food addictions. This mindfulness-based path is for anyone wishing to make a lasting lifestyle change.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for Companies, Groups, and Individuals:

Offering Multiple Paths to Wellness – Customized based on need or preference. We build success by meeting you where you are with your medical nutrition needs. Issues addressed include Eating Disorders – with emphasis on Obesity and Binge Eating; proper use of supplementation; dealing with a Dual-diagnosis or Multiple Chronic Diseases. The latest peer-reviewed research is coupled with compassion.

Eat More, Weigh Less:  How to Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease and CancersSM:

Based on Clark’s own research, “Eat More, Weigh Less: How to reduce your risk of chronic disease and cancers” provides step-by step instruction on how to improve your health, make sustaining lifestyle change, and have fun while working hard. Clark’s research received ‘outstanding’ commendation.