In the 15 years I’ve known Catharine Clark we worked together in three very different environments. Catharine has been a mentor and co-worker, direct manager, and colleague. Regardless of the issue at hand, Catharine is approachable and accessible. In my experience Catharine’s key strengths are leadership and her ability to coach others so they are successful.

LaTonya Clark / Top 5 Consulting Firm

The Bottom Line

1. Good Health is Good Business:

Creating a culture of wellness fits with the mission of every company: Creating jobs and earning a profit for stakeholders, while contributing to the communities in which your company sells and operates.

2. Positive ROI:

Your company can expect a positive return on investment (ROI) using our balanced approach:*

  • Overall company healthcare claims were 24% lower than national average; 
  • Participants’ claims costs were 60% lower than national average; 
  • Then we exceeded objective biomedical outcomes by 35%; and
  • Increased Quality of Life measures.

3. Increased Productivity = Profitability and Shareholder Returns:

What sets Clark Consulting apart from other wellness companies is our balanced approach.** Backed by decades of research by preimenint biochemist, Bill Lands, PhD, we design wellness programs which result in significantly lower claims cost. Our team of experts have the credentials, skills and experience to deliver to your bottom line.