Catharine has helped me in so many ways! My muscle cramps, a side effect from chemo, are completely gone!!! So are my sinusitis and plantar fasciitis. My anxiety isn’t gone but most days I don’t feel nearly as anxious as I used to.

When I am consistent, I also notice improvement in my GERD, allergies, and dry eyes. It is amazing to me that when I am not consistent that some of these problems come back, especially my muscle cramps. It is then that I know that what Catharine has me doing really works!

I used to get very anxious after going to bed and couldn’t sleep, and then I’d get up and binge. I still do at times, but not as much as I used to. I have more weight to lose, but the 37 pounds I lost just seemed to melt away when I was able to stop resisting so much. At first I was frustrated by her non-diet approach, but Catharine is patient, full of knowledge, and gently persistent.

My boyfriend made just one consistent change and pretty quickly he started feeling better and has a lot less sciatic pain. What I appreciate most about Catharine is that she is “on my team”, positive, very kind, motivational, and genuinely cares about me and my health.

Katie D.

Who We Are

Reduce Healthcare Costs:

Make Wellness Critical to Your Corporate Culture

  • Blue Chip credentials: IBM; GE; and P&G.
  • Wellness credentials: MS in Human Nutrition; National Institutes of Health; Obesity Medicine, and HHS Fellow.
  • Executive Officer of a Publicly Traded Company.
  •  Quality of Life measures.

Clark’s Consulting wellness programs optimally converge:

  • Leadership’s appetite for change;
  • Employees’ input on initiatives;
  • Claims data and benefit utilization;
  • Delivery methodology;
  • The Company with the Best Talent Wins! Quality of Life measures.

Our Mission:

To reduce and manage healthcare costs and improve overall profitability for savvy, forward-thinking companies through customized and effective wellness programs. We deliver bottom-line business results to our clients, their constituents, and investors. We do this by developing an innovative and strategic vision focused on practical execution:

  • Increased Shareholder / Investor Return;
  • Decreased Absenteeism and Presenteeism;
  • Decreased Short- and Long-term Disability Claims.
  •  Quality of Life measures.

Our Vision:

Our promise is to bring all of our experience, 100% commitment, and passion to each and every project. Our vision is to be the premier wellness consulting company based on delivering the bottom-line results. We help our clients retain the best talent, by engaging employees with wellness approaches that matter.

Our Values:

Integrity Produces Results …

  • Create lasting change by securing leadership buy-in and obtaining employee input;
  • Adherence is empowered by creating people-centric initiatives;
  • Evidence-based practices are essential;
  • Leverage multiple paths to wellness;  
  • Good Health is Good Business.

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